NSWS(Nippon Screw Weight System)
   This name was registered to NETIS on October 1st.
NETIS Registration number: ---------- KK-070026

NSWS has been developed as a safety measure for the subsurface ground. It can be used to assess risk for the disaster, ground stability and embankment stability. We are constanly seeking users not only from Japan but from all over the world as well.

NSWS measures the soil 's effective stress and screw points' rotation counts. Newly created and fully automatic Screw Weight System type sounding test machine. It logs the following datas

With a notebook computer, it can automatically calculate N value with weight and other datas. NSWS works especially effective on Soft Ground, River side, Delta area, Pond, Earth Dam , and Embankment slopes. Measuring stylesnclination measure style---------Perpendicular measure style

For more information about NETIS, click here (Kinki Prefecture Technical Office website)

NSWS was awarded NSWS01 NSWS02