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NSWS ( Nippon Screw Weight System)
Patent #:NETIS NO. KK-070026
Air Automation
This machine uses no electricity, operation is all based on air. Any place susceptable to electricty, explosion site, etc, this machine can be used safely.
Auto Bottling Grease Machine
This bottles grease, oil, water, or soap into 1 litter can. Semi-Auto, Full-Auto 1 Litter Pale Can, Grease Measuring Pump.for 2cc upto 50cc. 1 kilogram can bottling, caping, marking fully automatic machine. cartridge for 40
Work Feeder and Stocker
Measuring Bottling Machine for a drum can
It is for High Viscosity Liquid Number 3 and Paste.
Auto Glue Bottling Machine
It is for High Viscosity Liquid Number 3 and Paste.
pic of NSWS at kiyomizu temple

New Update:

Sep. 26th, 2013
Greace Patent for Sale. For more information, click here.
Sep. 26th, 2013
We are now looking for buyers of NSWS machine from all over the world except from Japan as well as a technology transfer. NSWS is capable of an earthquake resistivity analysis to the level that a boring machine is no match. Contact us. For more info about NSWS, read this paper in English
Sep. 26th, 2013
A Chinese patent for Auger now on sale!! Contact us.

Old Update:

Our NSWS in on a magazine. click here
Added a picture of the lubricate dispensing device for high viscocity products. Click here.